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How to apply for scholarships in CISS?

Brief introduction on scholarships in CISS

As the largest official online application platform in China, CISS intends to helping all students get scholarship who are in need. According to statistics, 90% students get scholarships like tuition fee waive, free accommodation etc.

Actually, the selected China universities in CISS do provide varies scholarships for international right students.

1. Provincial Scholarships

Provincial scholarships are provided by each province, coverage from CNY40000 to CNY 6000 per year, varies from province to province. While it is for those who have been accepted by universities. Normally speaking, students need to apply for universities acceptance first and then apply for provincial scholarships.

2. University Scholarships

There are different types of universities scholarships, some named presidential scholarships, and some named freshman scholarships or outstanding student scholarships. Its coverage is normally free tuition fee for the first year, the following years scholarship will be based on the evaluation of student’s overall performance. Some universities also provide free accommodation besides free tuition fee.

3. Tuition fee Waiver or Discount on accommodation

To attract right students, China universities prefer providing some tuition fee waiver or discounts on accommodation to those self-financed applicants, waiver amount from RMB10000 to RMB1000, varies from university to university.

4. CISS Platform Scholarships

CISS scholarships are awarded to those who apply on our platform only, it aims to build deep friendship between applicants and CISS. It is normally from CNY1000 to CNY 500 each. Funding will be issued after students register successfully in universities, cash or top up is available.

*CGS (China Government Scholarship) or CSC (China Scholarships Committee) is issued out by the China Government Only. Per China laws, no agency can apply for students and the China government condemns even Punishes those agency selling scholarships, please be noted. For those who want CSC please go to embassy directly for more professional advises.

Application Steps

Situation 1. Completed the application in CISS
  1. 1) Login your account and find your application
  2. 2) Click on apply for scholarship directly if it shows scholarships available for your major
Situation 2. Not start application in CSS
  1. 1) Select the type of scholarshikp you want
  2. 2) Fill out the required information
  3. 3) Find your right major
  4. 4) Register for VIP
  5. 5) Waiting for admission and scholarship

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